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“Bringing nature and space back into today's crowded world to build timeless brands – brands connected to their purpose”

I’m guided by a love of the beautiful simplicity found in nature, as well as good design. My visual brain and my aesthetic eye can act as your guide for everything from photo shoots to image curation.
I love…
Concept ideation
Crafting moodboards
Constructing shoot ideas and delivering photographer suggestions
Leading shoots, collaborating and managing teams on set
And seeing beautiful imagery through to the finish line.

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There’s no better way to become immersed in a brand than by touching and manipulating its products. Perhaps this tactile curiosity stems from my background in fashion; from luxurious silks and nubbly wools to the precise folds of a tailored garment, I’m comfortable working with textiles, clothing, products and accessories, as well as props big and small.

I love…
Working on location and in studio
Bringing editorial stories to life through styling
Translating a commercial need into something beautiful
Still-life, product and lifestyle styling
Minimalist, clean backgrounds that let the product breathe.

Storytelling is how I help brands connect with their purpose and make space for creativity. Working together, we can create unforgettable campaigns, imaginative concepts, and compelling social content. Campaigns, concepts and content that’s more than just words, sentences and captions; that marries these things with beautiful imagery to communicate unique, innovative ideas.

Art direction
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Art direction, Styling

An abstract series that portrays the objectification of woman.

Tumbnail - Vogue

Vogue x Samsung


An intimate diner full of champagne, flowers and dance - organised to celebrate the launch of a new device


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