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Martinsson King

What goes on your hair matters.

Swedish brand Martinsson King agrees. It makes vegan, silicone and paraben sulphate-free, colour-safe products that are never tested on animals. They call them modular products – three serums can be blended with a shampoo or conditioner, and they have big plans to continue expanding the range.

As their social content creator, I’m re-imagining the brand’s Instagram with new visual guidelines and content strategy, themes, and calendar. We’re telling their story to a new, younger audience on Facebook, Instagram and online, and continuing this journey through concept ideation and art direction for new products. I relate everything back to the brand in a cohesive, organised way.

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Art direction
Content creation
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Art direction, Content creation

Bringing a brand of sustainable flower pots to life through imagery and content designed for Instagram and Facebook.

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Sûr atelier

Content creation

An incredible project, connecting a non-profit studio with a wider audience via beautiful, compelling social content.

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