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That feeling when you stumble on a good find.

This industrial location – a concrete factory with plenty of dusty corners just waiting to be discovered – brought character to this series of Amber Berendse, shot by Vivian Camphuijsen.

Amber’s soft ringlets and doll-like expressions juxtaposed the rough edges of the location. I kept her looks simple, styling high-end designers with local brands – such as Josje Bruijn and The Five – and sticking to an earthy palette of sage, terracotta, rust and cream.

In collaboration with

Vivian Camphuijsen
Iris Zuidema
Amber Berendse
Models Rock Agency

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Art direction
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Josje Bruijn


A beautiful shoot for a timeless, sustainable clothing brand.

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Art direction, Styling

An abstract series that portrays the objectification of woman.


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