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Born out of Vivian Camphuijsen’s fascination for nude photography and my appreciation for still-life imagery and found objects, we created a series that portrays the objectification of woman.

Abstract, close-up shots make the series less about the woman herself and more about her as an object, and the composition of the images – body parts and objects interspersed – is often intentionally difficult to understand. In a male-dominated world, women are still oversimplified; presented as their individual parts – as components of a still-life image rather than as human beings.

In collaboration with

Vivian Camphuijsen
Maxime Eltringham

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Art direction
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Art direction, Styling

An inspiring space, a little time to experiment, and a few props – all captured for a series of stills in brown and white tones.

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That feeling when you stumble on a good find. A lovely human in a concrete, industrial location.


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